La Vacherie (The Nasty Trick) April 01

You can contact us at The Nasty Trick on 00 33 (0)2 99 91 32 40 or Email to
La Vacherie, St Jacut Les Pins, Redon 56220

So, why is the house called the Nasty Trick? Simple answer - Slang for La Vacherie is The Nasty Trick. It made us laugh and so it has stuck!

Watch our series of photos as we renovate the house over the next few months. We aim to have the accommodation available for our guests by the Spring of 2002.

April 01 - 3 general views of the property
April 01 - 51 views outside and in
May 01 - 15 the start of the renovation
August 01 - 27 major progress in August
October 01 - Warmth and a floor at last
November 01 - Just a quick visit to take furniture
Christmas 01 - 3 days break before New Year
January 02 - 10 days and then home for a rest
February 02 - Stephen and Chris do some gardening for 10 days
March 02 - Janet and Chris visit again and concentrate mainly on the land
October 02 - Many visits and many developments
February 2003 - Just a quick visit for the chimney

June 2003 - 10days of improvement
July 2003 - 10days more
August 2003 - we couldn't keep away

A friend of ours got married in Toulouse in the summer of 2001. Here is a collection of photographs by Philippe Guillon